Learning and development in the age of disruptive technology


The taxi industry was left reeling with the advent of Uber and similarly, AirBnB wreaked havoc on the hotel industry. Welcome to the age of disruptive technologies! I attended a webinar recently on Blended Learning 2.0 – Media and Methods. This webinar focused on the next generation of blended learning which included media and methods such as mobile learning, interactive PDF’s, gamification and social media. This got me thinking, what’s the next disruptive thing in the world of learning and development? What will the “Uber” be in learning and development?

Technology changes at a rapid pace and we keep pushing the envelope on the next great thing that will supposedly improve our lives and that we will not be able to do without. Think augmented reality, virtual reality or artificial intelligence or the rising of the various “BOTS” – not just your mere robots. Industries that question the status quo, take giant leaps in innovation and development and push the boundaries continue to lead and be at the forefront of change.

As learning and development professionals, we are always on the hunt for new and fresh ideas that will motivate, engage and delight our learners. Although the idea or the tool may be cutting edge, it is important that it fits the needs of the learner and the desired outcome. Simply put, the application must be right for you i.e. the organization, the budget, the learner, the right solution.

I don’t know if we’ve reached the threshold of innovation and disruptive technologies within L&D. We’ve come a long way from using transparencies and flipcharts with markers.  We’ve now evolved to m-learning, e-learning, asynchronous and synchronous methods within e-learning, blended learning, social media and numerous applications within new forms of media. Whatever that new “thing” is going to be, one thing is certain, there is no one size fits all within L&D.