Your name Inc.

There has been a lot of talk about personal branding. It took a while for me to fully understand the concept of having a personal brand. I finally get it! I recently transitioned personal brand 2full time into a new career in the learning and development (L&D) field and in the process inadvertently utilized and realized this concept.

So, what does it mean to have a personal brand? I stumbled upon a blog via Strategy magazine called “the future is female and other lessons” where the author describes it beautifully. The Blog has a heading labelled You are a Brand (and so am I) where she cites: “take care of your personal brand the same way you take care of a client’s brand; people have to buy into you as a person before they buy into what you’re trying to sell them. Think of yourself as a company with a brand. I know, it defies our usual thinking about ourselves. Put your name here ______ Inc. For example, my name is Tricia Thompson so my company is Tricia Thompson Inc. How do you want people to see you? Relate to you? What kind of footprint do you want to leave behind? How do you want your reputation to precede you? Food for thought.

Let me get back to how I inadvertently used my personal brand. I have been pursuing a career in learning and development for some time. My experience in my pursuit is that it is a tough field to break into without credible experience. In the interim, I volunteered as an adult ESL tutor and as an adult literacy advocate with organizations that reflected my passions and values such as Frontier College and West Neighbourhood House. In addition to volunteering, I also created a personal website and started this Blog as a “show and tell” to showcase my thought leadership and background in learning and development. In addition, I continued to be an active member of The Institute for Performance and Learning which represents workplace learning professionals in Canada. On Twitter, among others, I followed The Institute, Articulate which is an e-learning tool and community, The Muse which is a personal/professional development site etc. Let me include LinkedIn for good measure here as well. I crafted my profile closely towards all the work I did previously and presently which related to L&D. Are you getting the picture yet? My digital footprint, my associations, my online presence and community presence all pointed to L&D. So, when a position opened up in my current company, the hiring manager did not have to question my passion and transferable skills because I had already put breadcrumbs down which left a visible trail towards my goal.

There are many high profile personalities who do the personal brand thing really well. At the moment, Donald Trump comes to mind mostly because of the impending US election as I write this. Now, I am no fan of Trump but he has crafted his personal brand to a “T”. You really have to give credit to a man whose name has cachet. Trump is known for real estate. The man gets paid a pretty penny for having his name attached to buildings even though he may not be the owner of those buildings. That’s having a strong, cashable brand.

Remember your company and your brand in all that you do. Your brand should reflect your values, philosophies, passions and desires. It is important to reflect your brand consistently across all platforms. People should know what you are about even before the first handshake.